The Upper Landing condo development is a premier Saint Paul riverfront community located at Shepard Road & Spring Street that was developed right next to the Mississippi River.  Great expense and effort was given to elevate the site above the 100 year flood plain level.  Upper Landing is a community is which condominiums, apartments and retail outlets are all on the River Front.  Currently, there is a Caribou Coffee and an AnyTime Fitness in the retail area of the development.

Floor plans and finishes vary widely throughout the units.  Most of the floor plans are generous in size and share high end finishes and touches. There is a park next to the water and a community dock on the river. Several historic features of the development include the refurbished Head House, which stands out adjacent to the block 2 Upper Landing condo, on the North shore of the Mississippi River. Next to the Head House is the Sack House, where grain was put into sacks and stored there.

On the riverfront the three condo buildings are 240 Spring St. being the one next to the park which has the two retail spaces, and has a total of 100 units. The next building is 256 and 284 Spring St., which are combined into a single building and has a total of 88 units. The third condo includes a mix of condos and town homes. Toward the end are two apartment building complexes, which have modern and above average features. 

The Saint Paul and Mississippi development framework envisioned the Upper Landing as a place where the balance between the culture of the City and the nature of the river is played out. From this framework a newly built community developed that is now part of Saint Paul’s largest development project which was designed to connect the river to the City and the citizens to the river. The vision is now a system of interconnected urban villages nestled in the lush green of a reforested river valley.  It is a vibrant downtown where people want to live, work and play.

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