Your Time is Valuable

Trying to sell your home yourself is a time consuming and energy intensive second job.   You should expect to spend many hours, days and weeks on marketing, showing the home, negotiating legal forms, arranging inspections, etc. assuming there are no unforeseen problems. If you’re working full time, have family and personal commitments, you’ll find that your time is better spent focused on what you do best.

It’s an Important Transaction

Selling or Buying a home is the biggest transaction most people will make in their lifetime. The majority of people do not buy and sell homes more than a few times in their lifetime, so it’s not a specialized skill they’ve developed.  Real estate laws change often and you don’t want to learn through trial and error on your own or rely on information from the Internet. It is not worth the risk.

We Will Help You in Every Step of the Way

Our skill is to take that responsibility off of your plate, so that you just have to show up at the closing. Our services include:

  1. Consult with you on how to present your home in order to find the best buyer as soon as your house goes on the market. 
  2. Give you up-to-date feedback on what potential buyers are saying, what’s happening in the marketplace and provide you with information on competing properties including their list price versus actual SOLD price, condition and more. The actual market value of your home is determined by what comparable properties are selling for right now. 
  3. Market your home to other real estate agents and the public using strategic data resources for direct marketing. Your listing with Hochstein Koehler Real Estate reaches tens of thousands of real estate related websites and search engines with our online listing syndication.
  4. Help you objectively evaluate and negotiate every buyer’s offer without compromising your position. An offer is just the beginning of a process of appraisals, inspections and financing – a lot of possible pitfalls. We can help you write a legally binding win-win contract that is more likely to make it through the process. 
  5. Help you close on the sale of your home. The paperwork alone is overwhelming and it is not unusual for questions or unexpected problems to occur during closing (settlement). 
  6. Help you determine what you want in another home and help you start looking for a new home during the selling process.
  7. We are experts in your area and are committed to giving you 100% full service and attention every step of the way.   

If you’re still not convinced of the value of using a City of Lakes Realty REALTOR®, click here for a dozen more reasons to use one.